dead wildflowers

by glass houses

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this short ep is dedicated to the worst friend i ever had


released August 30, 2015



all rights reserved


glass houses Massachusetts

i'm joel ezra or joey. i live in glassachusetts. where i live i can't throw stones.

here's a tweet about my music from my friend anna:

@QUADRATlC: "me, explaining joel's music: its like skrillex, except not at all, but a lot like flatsound, but like if he was from ma, and like skrillex"
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Track Name: wires
your pretty face is going straight to hell
i'm better off without you
in fact i'm doing well

i said you looked like flowers under a wiry sky
so i picked a bouquet
and i watched them all die
Track Name: fossils
i am spelling your name out in the cobwebs here
you will stick the wall and accumulate dust
while i smile at the thought of you no longer sticking to me
and i no longer to you
this attic will grow older and mustier each passing year and no one will clean it because the memories collected here were each left for a reason
and the sunlight will filter through the little window onto your cobweb name
your identity of dust will light up and fade, just like we did

i want to bury your body in the backyard next to my dead cat
you know, when i was younger i thought she would sleep peacefully in that cardboard box forever
but now that im older i know its just bones down there
and they dont mean anything to me anymore
a fossil of my childhood
i know eventually even those bones will rot away
and so will yours
i ache when i remember how i loved you
i cringe when someone mentions your name
my anxiety bubbles to the surface when i look at pictures of that face that wronged me so
they say that love can last forever but all i feel is pain

so i am pulling you out through my mouth and leaving you behind
i wont think of you anymore
i will make art and write songs and kiss boys
and these things will no longer be tainted by you
i will rinse the dust from my fingers
i will scrub the dirt from my nails
and watch it spiral down the drain
Track Name: dead skin
you are like dead skin and i'm cutting you away